Paper Sticks

Confipal Sticks have the following characteristics:


  • Odor & Taste Free
  • Contain no optical brighteners

Law Conform:

  • Conform to Worlwide Food & Health Controls (F.D.A.)


  • Fluorescent Free
  • Produced from pure paper without chemicals & Glue
  • From natural & Renewable Sorces
  • Confipal dissolve completely, which makes them from biodegradable, and therefore they pose no threat to the environment
  • Bleached without chlorine and optical brighteners


  • Best performance on all types of lollipop production machines
  • Not subject to static cling
  • Are true in dimensions (Minimum tolerances in Length & diameter)
  • Minimal waste


  • Splinter free – Withount sharp ends
  • Presently the safer alternative for children
  • Bend without breaking (Safety Sticks)
  • Sticks will dissolve in the stomach if accidentally swallowed